Tuna Salad

It was a bone-chilling night April night at Wrigley. They provided knit Pepsi winter caps, which the fashionista wore inside-out to obscure the corporate logo

Several rows behind us, this guy had the most wonderful tuna sub. He’s a white guy, but everything else about him cries Jamaica, with his attire and dreadlocks.

You can’t always pull-off a tuna sub at the ball park. But early in the season, in April, when the temperature has not reached 50° it’s prime time.

Jimmy Johns does a nice Tuna Sub, especially with a slather of Dijon mustard. It is wet, it drips, but we like it.

Here is my Tuna Sub:

Use the Ball Park Baguette

And a can of Mackerel, instead of Tuna
Tuna in Olive Oil was not easy to find. Salmon was an option, but I was open to the strong flavors of an inexpensive can of Mackerel.

Important Elements of Tuna Salad include:
Red Onion
Dijon Mustard

Extra Condiments:
Queso Chihuahua con Jalapeño
Pickled and Roasted Red Peppers

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