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Jamie Jarrin (Broadcaster)

Don’t you just hate it when you discover a Legend when they retire (or die)? Veteran (L.A. Dodger) baseball broadcaster, Jaime Jarrin, says goodbye

The Last of the Old-Time Radio Announcers

I saw where a Boston Radio announcer was retiring (I was not aware of him and didn’t know his name) We are aware of these announcers in: St. Louis Milwaukee: Bob Ueker San Francisco: Jon Miller

Jerry Seinfeld

We have often heard Jerry say that he watches Baseball When asked what he watches, what streaming, what TV, what films . . . Jerry says that he watches Baseball, because it is real One of my few streaming services which I have retained is MLB TV (I feel that this is a good idea) […]

Original Italian

After walking past a new Jersey Mikes sandwich shop many times, I finally ducked in to sample there best Bought the Original Italian, Giant Size Rated the Most Unhealthy of one website (Most Calories) I found it to be only a Gut Filler It was big and meaty and filling, there was plenty of moisture, […]

Vocabulary (Espanol)


White Sox Pitching

Giolito 0-1 Keuchel

Cubs Pitching

Hendricks 1-0 Darvish Chatwood Lester Mills

Wildberry Pancake Cafe

Chicken Salad Sandwich

There are chicken salad sandwiches and then there is this masterpiece. The ultimate recipe. Caroline Glover Apricots and Mustard Not too much mustard No Grapes Mustard Powder and Dijon Mustard

Tony Lips Games (2020)

“Tony Lip” (Frank Anthony Vallelonga Sr) portrayed by Viggo Mortensen Day Games during the week: Wednesday, May 20th – Tickets White Sox vs Rockies (1:10) Dollar Hot Dog Wednesday White Sox Alpine Sherpa Pullover Thursday, May 28th – Tickets Cubs vs Marlins (1:20) Thursday June 18th – Tickets Cubs vs Mets (1:20) Yu Darvish “Super […]