Fried Chicken Sandwich

The Roost Carolina Kitchen
Roost Chicken and Biscuits
455 N Milwaukee Ave
(also Wrigleyville, Loop and Lakeview

Instead of searching the web for the most popular eatery
We stopped by the place that has always been there, on the way to work

We bought the Home Style
A Good Fried Chicken Sandwich:
Flavorful Fried Piece of Chicken
Fairly Heavily Breaded and Seasoned and Crunchy
Dill Pickles and Coleslaw
An Orange Chipolte Ranch Dressing
Served on a (Buttermilk) Biscuit or (Brioche) Roll

Very Passable
Hot and Tasty
Not Greasy
Very Moist with the Toppings

And there are other options

fried egg, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese

hot chicken, habanero BBQ, coleslaw, blue cheese

sharp cheddar, dill pickles

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