Tony Lip Games (2019)

“Tony Lip” (Frank Anthony Vallelonga Sr)
portrayed by Viggo Mortensen

Foul Ball

Day Games during the week:

Thursday, June 6th
Cubs vs Rockies (1:20)
(Cubs Lose)

Thursday, June 13th
White Sox vs Yankees (7:10)
(White Sox Win!)

Thursday, June 27th
Cubs vs Braves (1:20)
(Cubs Win!) Craig Kimbrel’s 1st pitch as a Cub

Wednesday, July 17th
Cubs vs Reds (1:20)
(Cubs Win!) 1st Darvish Win in Wrigley

Wednesday, August 7th
Cubs vs Athletics (1:20)
(Quintana Wins) Grand Slam by Happ another HR by Schwarber

Tuesday, August 13th
White Sox vs Astros (7:10)
(White Sox Win 2nd Game of Doubleheader!) Nova pitches a complete game

Thursday, August 22nd (Lempa Bows Out)
Cubs vs Giants
(Cubs Win) sweep series

Friday, September 13th (Titanium)
Cubs vs Pirates

Friday, September 20th
Cubs vs Cardinals 1:20
(Cubs Lose) 3rd place in division with 9 games remaining in the season

8 Games

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