St. Louis Cardinals 2019

I may become a St. Louis Cardinals fan in 2019

The last thing I am is a loyal fan, unless the team is winning. The Cubs World Series in 2016 was a giddy summer as everything fell into place all the way into the playoffs.

I could practically walk to Wrigley Field and they are still a good team. None the less, we bought Seasons Tickets to the White Sox last year. The south siders are building the team and the seats were less expensive. But I could never become oriented in the stadium. Our preferred seats are behind home plate on the upper deck, so seats which stray to far down the base line require too much back and forth of the head and you can’t see everything at once.

Then there is the corporate changes of the Cubs organization. Good changes, good coach, good players. Which means higher ticket prices, blaytant promotion of junk ticket packages, buy-up and take-over of the neighborhood around Wrigley Field, and eventually changing television games to pay cable.

We always admired the Cardinal fans on a pilgrimage to Wrigley Field for a Cubs-Cards series. Before recent years, St. Louis fans would overtake the ball park, they were loud, enthusiastic and usually victorious. And St. Louis is always strong, the Cubs seems to have their number last season, but the Cardinals look good in 2019

I visualize wearing the Cardinal Red next season among the baseball-tourists at Wrigley Field.

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