I became a White Sox fan

I became a White Sox fan

Did not purchase the Cubs ticket package,
Instead, I purchased my first MLB Season Tickets
with the White Sox

We were there during the Season when the Cubs won the World Series
When your team is winning, it is such a delight to be a fan

Last year it ticket prices increased, my ticket agent didn’t answer the phone and the seats were not so good

This year, they asked for a $200 deposit for priority ordering
(I don’t remember them saying that it was not refundable)
They gave me one day notice to order priority tickets from some of the least desirable games.
These games tended to be early in the season, late in the season or concentrated around an undesirable series.
That’s how they treated a loyal fan

So, I became a White Sox fan
Rick Renteria managed the Cubs, before they hired Joe Maddon
It is a Bear Market for White Sox tickets
And I am dipping my toe in the pool or Season Ticket Ownership

I can not imagine attending 81 games

I like the idea of being a White Sox Fans.
They aren’t the national or down state fans on a pilgrimage to a Cubs game
We laughed at fans in the outfield, who we guessed had arrived with female escorts

Different fana
but purely Chicago
(Barack is not a Cubs fan)

If they bring it around . . .

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