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13 Day Games in 2015
the same number as in 2014
Thursday, April 9th: Cardinals at Cubs (1:20)
Friday, April 17th: Padres at Cubs (1:20))
Friday, May 1st: Brewers at Cubs (1:20)
Thursday, May 14th: Mets at Cubs (1:20)
Friday, May 15th: Pirates at Cubs (1:20)
Friday, May 29th: Royals at Cubs (1:20)
Thursday, June 25th: Dodgers at Cubs (1:20)
Wednesday, July 29th: Rockies at Cubs (1:20)
Thursday, August 13th: Brewers at Cubs (1:20)
Wednesday, September 2nd: Red at Cubs (1:20)
Friday, September 4th: D-Backs at Cubs (1:20)
Friday, September 18th: Cardinals at Cubs (1:20)
Friday, September 25th: Pirates at Cubs (1:20)
(there are also 6 Friday Games which begin at 3:05 in June, July and August)


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Disabled List
Cubs’ Fujikawa to start season on disabled list: Kyodo March 31, 2014 (Japan Times)

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